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Videos & Reviews - In-depth review of Nifeliz LaFerrari

Link of Nifeliz Lafer on Amazon: We are doing something for you to have deeper understanding of us and our car set. And this video is what we did. It has many problem as a review video, we will do better next time. If you have any ideas about our review video, please leave a comment below now. I will take your advice and show what you want next time! Thanks in advance! Welcome to the official Nifeliz channel where everything for car lovers and LEGO technic fans! All our sets build with parts compatible with LEGO Technic Parts. We also provide instruction on our official blog. It's FREE. You can build our sets with your LEGO Technic Pieces or buy a kit of our sets, comes with Nifeliz Parts (completely compatible with LEGO Technic Parts) and a instrction book.  Of course, it will be a lower price. We update our latetest car set and review video on this channel. If you are a car lovers or LEGO technic fans, you would not miss the good

Instruction - Nifeliz GTR Sports Car

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