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Nifeliz's Europe Business on Shopify is Coming

  Hello everyone, this is Jan, Nifeliz's Shopify business has started today, I am the principal of Shopify. Now there is a good new I wanted to share you here. Nifeliz also has its own warehouse in Poland now. Our item are expected to arrive at the Poland warehouse in the next week and be sold on Shopify.  Here is the link, And our item can ship to more than a dozen countries in Europe. The following is the specific details, Poland Portugal France Germany Italy Austria Czech Republic Denmark Luxembourg Netherlands Belgium United Kingdom Hungary Spain Slovakia Slovenia Ireland Finland Latvia Lithuania Sweden Bulgaria Estonia Greece Romania. We will process the order and ship it within 48 hours in working day. Local delivery in Poland takes 1-7 working days, and delivery to other European countries in Germany takes 3-14 working days. At present, our first batch of building block that are about to arrive in the warehouse has 5 cars. They are Nifeliz Black PickupG6

Nifeliz April 2021 New Sets Teaser

  Hello everyone, Karla here from Nifeliz team. Another month passed. Today I am gonna be sharing with you the new Nifeliz sets of next month. April New Sets 1.Nifeliz L670 Mini Sports Car The mini car features a unique silver color and looks cool. This car has a lot of details, such as exquisite interior, steering with steering wheel, Manually opening scissor doors, replicated shape and so on. Here is the link: Nifeliz L670 Mini Sports Car on amazon Arrive Time: Around April 2th  2.Nifeliz 4BB Mini Sport Car Nifeliz 4BB Sport Car model features adjustable seats, steering with steering wheel, exquisite stickers, multiple opening design and awesome decor etc. Make everything close to the real one. Highly recommended! Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished. Arrive Time: Around April 8th  3.Nifeliz E12 Race Car This 1:8 scale Super Car model features detailed V12 engine, steering with steering wheel, adjustable seats, exquisite stickers, manually opening d

Nifeliz Weekly Deals! ! !

  We will select several products for discount every week, and the discount time will last for one week. Next week, we will select other products as the second batch of discount products, and so on. In addition, the products that have been discounted this week will not be available for a second discount until one month later. Note: we will announce the discount products of next week on our blog in advance. If you are interested in any sets, please follow our official blog news. Nifeliz Official Amazon Store Page: For the detailed operation process, please see the figure below. PC view: 1.Enter the Nifeliz official amazon store. 2.Find the weekly deals column on the page. Mobile phone view: 1.Enter the Nifeliz official amazon store. 2.Click on the menu. 3.Find the weekly deals column on the page.

NIfeliz New Sets Coming! ! !

Hello everyone. I'm Karla from the Nifeliz team. We haven't launched a new sports car series for some time. We are so sorry to keep friends who like sports car models waiting. Today I have a good message to share with you. We will launch 3 new sports car models next month.  A 1:8 Scale Large Sports Car Technique Model. Two 1:14 Scale Mini Sports Car Technique Model. These three sets have complete functions and full of details. And we will release detailed links and videos in the new sets teaser at the end of the month.  Thank you very much for your attention.