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Nifeliz March 2024 New Kits Teaser

Long time no see, everyone! It's been a while since our last product launch, as we've been busy preparing for some exciting releases. Today, I'm thrilled to announce that we have two new sets to launch in March! Hopefully, one of them will be just what you've been waiting for. With the Leopard II A7, we hope we can offer you an immersive experience that delves into the complexities of tank mechanics. We want to provide you with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the intricate workings of a tank just like you would in the real world. To achieve this, we've incorporated a wealth of internal details into the build, allowing you to witness the inner workings of this formidable machine. What's more, we've abandoned traditional printing or sticker techniques in favor of using bricks of different colors to achieve a camouflage pattern, as our designer said "I'd like to make it only with bricks rather than something else." Item Number: NF10269 P