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Nifeliz April 2022 New Sets Teaser

Hello guys! This is Karla again. It's time to share with you about Nifeliz new sets in April. A brand new series will be launched in the upcoming month - the train sets, and I believe these completely new sets will bring you a different building experience. Of course there will also be what you're looking for - the race car sets :)  Now let's get into what everyone is looking forward to today! 

Nifeliz Sets Information -- March 14, 2022

Hello everyone. This is Karla. I want to share a message with you. In the future, we will publish relevant information about our products on our blog from time to time, so that you can know whether the products you want are available at the first time. Here, thank you very much for your support, and we will continue to do better in the future.  NEW AVAILABLE: New Arrival! That means you can get all the sets in this part! Check it out and get the set you like by Amazon before it sold out. PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Lilac Bonsai Tree PRICE: $49.95 PIECES: 974 pcs FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 2.95x 1.49 x 4.92 inches FEATURES:  Lilac, whose scientific name is Syringa oblata Lindl, is a deciduous shrub or small tree. It’s a heliophyte and likes moist and well-drained soil. It is suitable for garden cultivation, and its huge and gorgeous inflorescences cover the whole plant when it blooms in spring. The lilac becomes a very popular ornamental flowering plant in gardens because of its attractive and sw

The Craziest Model Car Ever Review

This thing is a different level because when you come to look at it, your eyes are just drawn to this. It's so outlandish. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to our blog. It's Victor from the Nifeliz team here. Nifeliz's sets are not Lego but compatible. Today we're going to be reviewing the craziest model car EVER! Are you ready to be amazed? First things first, we're going to learn about its details.