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Nifeliz March 2021 New Sets Teaser

  Hello everyone, Karla here from Nifeliz team. Another month passed. Today I am gonna be sharing with you the new Nifeliz sets of next month. March New Sets 1.Nifeliz Bluesail Pirates Ship The Nifeliz Bluesail Pirates Ship is a large ship model. Full of detailed everywhere. Features an adjustabled anchors, rotate the rudder, open the lid to show off the ship's weapons, many high quality canvas and beautiful decoration and so on. Here is the link: Nifeliz Bluesail Pirates Ship on amazon Arrive Time: Around March 1th  2.Nifeliz H3R motorcycle (Replicate Real Kawasaki H2R)  Kawasaki H2R frame is designed with short wheelbase. Its sharp shape can't help associating with steel bullet. In addition, the motorcycle adopts a 998cc straight four supercharged engine, which can squeeze 300ps of terrible horsepower, with a top speed of 400km / h and an all carbon fiber body aerodynamic package. This HZ-R motorcycle features detailed replicated shape, electroplated exhaust funnel, chain dri

Nifeliz New Sets Teaser of February, 2021

  Hello everyone, Karla here from Nifeliz team. Today I am gonna be sharing with you the new Nifeliz sets of this month. New Sets Of February, 2021 1. Nifeliz Mecha NF-666 (Replicate NZ-666 KSHATRIYA ) This Nilifez Mecha NF-666 set model features an mecha bracket, replicated wings, active parts, beam magnum, cool design and multiple detailed decor. The perfect gift for Mecha enthusiasts and future modeling designer! Here is the link: Arrive Time: Around February 5th 2. Nifeliz R120 Motorcycle (Replicate Real BMW R1200 GS Rallye) The R 1200 GS Rallye version is equipped with BMW's classic horizontally opposed two cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 92kw (125ps) / 7700rpm, a maximum torque of 125nm / 6500rpm, and a dynamic electronic suspension system. In addition, the R 1200 GS Rallye version has three toolbox on the back of the seat, which is convenient for consumers to use in case of emergency. This R120 Motorcycle has a detailed replica shape, 2-