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Nifeliz December New Sets Teaser

  Hello everyone, this is Karla here from Nifeliz team. As Allen has been busy developing more interesting products and website construction, so this time I am gonna be sharing with you the new Nifeliz sets in December. December New Sets 1.Nifeliz ROVE 6X6 (Replicate Land Rover Defender 6x6) This is the 5th SUV car of Nifeliz. This set has working steering, independent suspension, detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine, manually opening doors, many electroplated parts, detailed retractable ladder and a working winch. So many detailed design on it. Highly recommended! Here is the link: Nifeliz ROVE 6X6 on Amazon Arrive Time: Around December 7th 2.Nifeliz Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer This stunt racer model features an integrated motor module, remote drive, forward, backward, left or right travel and 360 ° rotation. In addition, there are classic yellow and blue colors scheme and exquisite decorative stickers. This set is a perfect toy for any kids or fans every age, can be remote controlled

Nifeliz Black Friday Deals

Hello everyone, I am karla. I have good news for you today. Black Friday Deals starts at 0:00 on the 26th and ends on the 30th, US time.  We have made a discount on part of our sets. Click on the link below to get it at a cheaper price. Nifeliz Official Amazon Store:

Review: Nifeliz TOYOTA FJ40 Land Cruiser

  Hello everyone, this is Karla. Today I gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz TOYOTA FJ40 Land Cruiser. This set consists of 2101 easy-installation parts. This model car has been restored to the original car in many details, no matter from the appearance and styling, or functional interior. Although I can't own a real car, it's satisfying to build and own such a model car. Now, let’s get into the topic. Contents We can see that the box is pure black, and the Nifeliz Brand Logo is in the middle of the box that it's very recognizable. The Nifeliz TOYOTA FJ40 Land Cruiser set includes an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book. The thick manual has more than 170 pages. The first few pages introduce the long history of FJ40 and the main functions of this building block model. In addition, Nifeliz contact information is available of the first page of the instruction book. This allows us to ask for helping if we encounter difficulties in building. Although it may not be u

Instruction - Nifeliz HURA Instruction for FREE

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