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Videos & Reviews - In-depth review of Nifeliz GTRR

Link of Nifeliz GTRR on Amazon: We are doing something for you to have deeper understanding of us and our car set. And this video is what we did. It has many problem as a review video, we will do better next time. If you have any ideas about our review video, please leave a comment below now. I will take your advice and show what you want next time! Thanks in advance!

Video - Nifeliz Audi R18

Get your own Audi R18 on Amazon: (Will arrive about November 25th) Free Instruction, Reivew and News: (Instruction of R18 will be post this week) The Nifeliz GTRR with a host of realistic elements and functions, including authentic body panels and rims,  opening doors and rear trunk in linkage,  fully independnt suspension, steering with steering wheel, a working V4 detailed engine – all designed to provide an engrossing and rewarding building experience for Audi Racing Car lovers and LEGO fans alike. R18 is the first car to use LED headlights in the history of Le Mans. On R18 e-tron Quattro, it has been further upgraded. When the headlights are turned on, it can illuminate 800 meters ahead. There is also a circle of LED light belt around the headlight that can change color. The light belt will change into different colors in different states of the car. This set use 3 chrome parts and special lamp housing

News - Audi R18 have been listed on amazon

Specification Item Name:Nifeliz Aud R18 Racing Car MOC Building Blocks kit Material: high quality ABS plastic Color:Black Features Four-wheel independent suspension Replicated V4 Engine Replicated Shape Linkage Opening Doors Manually Opening Hood & Linkage Opening Trunk Steering with steering wheel Package content 1928 x Building blocks 1 x Nifeliz Aud R18 Racing Car Instruction Link:          (Will arrive about November 26th)

News - Audi Racing Car Audi R18, will be on sale this month

Available information   Release Date:  The end of November Number of Building Blocks Bricks: 1928 pieces Scale: 1:10 model car  The latest news will be released here for the first time. Thank you very much.