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Apologize to our mistake on our street set - Nifeliz November New Sets Teaser

  Hello everyone, Allen here from Nifeliz team.  In the past month, we have started to make some changes to optimize our service and product quality.   We rent bigger warehouses to improve our speed of packing. We hire more boys and girls to do a better customer service. We started to design some new nice sets by ourselves.  Looks good but still a lot problems here. And we actually make a big mistake on packing.  Due to the member changes and new warehouses, we have mistook our street sets. There are 6 street sets have been packed in the wrong box. So some of you who bought our street set in Sept got the wrong set. I apologize for our miss on this important problem and I swear we will not make this kind of things happen again.  And now, all the wrong street sets have been destroyed 2 days ago. Please don't worry about that.  If you got the wrong sets please contact us by our after-sale email: and give us your order ID, we will help you to make it right. Anyway,

Review - Nifeliz Street Corner Mall

  Hi everyone, this is Karla. This time, I am gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz Street Corner Mall. Hope you like it!  This set consists of 3474 easy-installation parts. The original version of this set is designed by BrickAtive.  Their works are full of detail, beauty, and imaginative. They concentrate on creating some amazing street MOC sets with brilliant & design, highly recommended.  It is a modular building. Modular model allows for a variety of display positions and ease of transport. What's more, this set reproduced many scenes in real life and It is composed of many delicate parts. If you are interested in it, follow me to understand it! Now, let’s get into the topic. This set has a 10 x 10 inch brown base plate. In terms of hand feel, it’s very comfortable. And most importantly, it's very harmonious to put it together with LEGO City. We can see that the box is pure black, and the Nifeliz Brand Logo is in the middle of the box that it's very recognizable. The