Apologize to our mistake on our street set - Nifeliz November New Sets Teaser


Hello everyone, Allen here from Nifeliz team. 

In the past month, we have started to make some changes to optimize our service and product quality.  

We rent bigger warehouses to improve our speed of packing. We hire more boys and girls to do a better customer service. We started to design some new nice sets by ourselves. 

Looks good but still a lot problems here. And we actually make a big mistake on packing. 

Due to the member changes and new warehouses, we have mistook our street sets. There are 6 street sets have been packed in the wrong box. So some of you who bought our street set in Sept got the wrong set.

I apologize for our miss on this important problem and I swear we will not make this kind of things happen again. 

And now, all the wrong street sets have been destroyed 2 days ago. Please don't worry about that. 

If you got the wrong sets please contact us by our after-sale email: ayoung@nifeliz.club and give us your order ID, we will help you to make it right.

Anyway, thank you so much for your understanding all the time. We will try our best to make all the things better.

And now, let's see what will be released next month!

November New Sets

1. Nifeliz J40 (Replicate TOYOTA FJ40 LAND CRUISER)

Nifeliz J40

This is the 4th SUV car of Nifeliz. This is one of my favorite SUV set, has working steering, 3-speed sequential gearbox, All Wheel Drive, independent suspension, detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine, lockable doors, removable roof and a working winch. So many detailed design on it.  Highly recommened!

Link: Nifeliz J40 on Amazon

Arrive Time: Around November 19the

2. Nifeliz GT350 (Replicate Ford GT 350 1965s)

This is a MOC set from sariel 3 years ago. He has built this set as a RC version. We have made it into a static version and keep almost all the functions. Featuring dark bodywork with golden racing stripes, 4-spoke electroplated rims with rugged tires, detailed interior, V8 engine with rotating radiatior fan, detachable body, 2-speed transmission gearbox and so on. 

Link: Nifeliz GT 350 on Amazon

Arrive Time: Around November 25th

3. Nifeliz Modern Cafe (Replicate Starbucks)

The original set is design by ohsojang. This Modern Cafe model features multiple dining areas, exquisite bar counter, replicated shape, detachable layered structure and numerous detailed decoration, comes in luxurious box packaging with a detailed instruction.

Another awesome street building with light kit.

Link: Nifeliz Modern Cafe on Amazon

Arrive Time: Around November 21st

4. Nifeliz Wooden House 

A brand new house set from Nifeliz. This Wooden House model features storage room, bookshelf area, open balcony, replicated shape, exquisite murals and numerous detailed decoration, comes in luxurious box packaging with a detailed instruction.  So many details are waiting for you. Recommended!

Link: Nifeliz Wooden House on Amazon

Arrive Time: Around November 30th

5. Nifeliz Robot Code 1

This set is totally design by ourselves. A good gift for kids. It comes with RC kit and personally I think it looks quite cute right? This is the first try on robots and if this goes well we will do on design on it. Hope you like it.

Link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished

Arrive Time: Around November 21st


That's all of I wanna share with you today. We will keep working and make things better. And remember to be safe and take care of youself. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your reading. If you have any question or any missing pieces in our sets, please contact us by email ayoung@nifeliz.club. We would love to help you to solve your problem.



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