Review: Nifeliz 4BB Super Car

  Hello everyone, this is Karla from Nifeliz team. Today I am gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz 4BB Super car . This set consists of 1247 easy-installation parts. All pieces are compatible with lego parts. The Nifeliz 4BB super car is a replica of the real Ferrari 488 pista sports car. Full of detail and special design. The design of "Piloti Ferrari" 488 pista is inspired by the Italian AF corse 51 car driven by Alessandro pilot guidi and James calado in winning the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship. Its special configuration is also designed for Ferrari customers to participate in car racing. The exterior adopts the track version from 488 GTE. The S-duct air crossing design with black front, the suspended carbon fiber tail with dovetail shape, and the carbon fiber air guide on both sides of the rear wheel arch make the best decoration for the appearance of the Piloti Ferrari 488 pista. The customized models of Piloti Ferrari 488 pista are all equipped with a 3.9-liter V8

Review: Nifeliz Little Bags - The First Handheld Set from Nifeliz

  Hi everyone and this is Jessica. Today I'm gonna share you guys a new sets from Nifeliz! The Little Bags! Hope you like it! The totally sets consists of 1985 easy-installation parts. This sets are includes six animal model.  They are the monkey king!(327pcs) This set idea from The Monkey King holding an iron bar. And we can see a lot of green leaf around this bag. Cute pug!(331pcs) This set is perfect replicated a pug with a crown. Behind this bag also has two chain design. Kitty radio!(334pcs) This set looks like a radio kitty. A lovely face basic on pink. Looks soooo cute. Pink leopard!(335pcs) This one is from leopard. This one special in the sad face. LOL Lovely fox!(333pcs) This one is copy a sleeping fox. Very shy. And adorable butterfly!(325pcs) This set special in the big wings, looks like a real butterfly. OK. Let’s get into the topic. Contents This sets is totally a new sets. We design for kids. The perfect gift for your kids. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday gift, Chil