Reviews - Review of Nifeliz Mercedes Benz G63 6X6

Hello everyone! The G63 will be on sale these days on amazon. It is the first 3000+pcs pickup of Nifeliz. So, this new car is going to be a surprise or...

Let's see it!


 Parts packages are sorted according to the numbering order of inner boxes. 

The initial assembly of this part may be less friendly in the whole set. Some parts have to be assembled elsewhere without fixing at all.  But that never happened again.

Fake motors.

  This part looks very technological!

Many basic and technological components.

  6x6 pickup, of course, has four seats.

 The rack and spare tire are all fitted up and finished. 


It's so cool!

The combination of many basic and technological parts is used in the front of the car, so it has a high reduction degree. The engine works great, too. A detail is there is a bracket to support the front cover of the car. Great.

Suspension performs well.

Active skylight.

Another detail..

The rear trunk can be opened.

It is really All-Time 6-wheels Drive car. Take care of the differential, here is the right way to assemble.

 Show all the places you can open! 

It feels very good. With the reasonable steps of the instructions, the whole assembly process is very smooth.
In addition, the sticker is also a bright spot, in addition to the car logo, the reality of metal stickers is eye-catching!
 The downside is that it doesn't have many functions of linkage, only the V8 engine and All-Time 6-Wheel Drive. 

All in all, it is a good set worth trying. A must for pickup fans.
Here is the link of it on amazon:
         (Will arrive about Mid-September)


  1. Will you post more reviews for other cars? I‘d like to compare and decide which to order.

  2. Do you plan to restock on amazon. They are sold out as of September 26th. I'd like to purchase for the 129.99 that was listed on amazon. Cant seem to find anywhere else. Would really love to get my hands on this 1, already have the 919, pickup f-150 and currently building the 845hp sports car. Would love to add to my collection

    1. Thanks for you support! The Mecerdes G63 6X6 will be in stock on September 27-29th. It is in amazon's warehouse now, waitting for amzon to scan them.

  3. on instruction 141, the pins on the engine assembly are too wide to fit on the assembly with the headlights on it. I've checked my construction of both assemblies numerous times-- no errors. how do I fix this?

    1. I had to modify the 2 red engine mount pieces. Had to shave off 1/16" of each
      So the front would have correct spacing. Used a modeling saw.

  4. Will these be back in stock anytime soon?

  5. Buenas tardes una pregunta estara disponible el power set para este modelo?


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