Review - Nifeliz Off-Road Pickup Rove 6X6


Hi everyone, this is Karla.

This time, I am gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz Off-Road PickUp ROVE 6X6. Hope you like it! 

This set consists of 3288 easy-installation parts. Packed with authentic functions, such as working steering, independent suspension, detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine etc. Recommending!

Now, let’s get into the topic.


Nifeliz has changed the previous style. The pattern on the color box is no longer just the brand logo, but the pattern of this kit is designed on it, which looks good.

The Nifeliz Off-Road PickUp ROVE 6X6 set includes an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book. 

In addition, the set also has a metal sticker. It looks great.

All parts of this set are divided according to steps. Each step has a corresponding bag. Such as steps 59-64 shown in the picture correspond to bag 23021.59.64.

This set has a total of 53 bags.

Three of them are bags with parts to replace the motor.

Three universal bags without number. These bags are the universal bag of this set, which are need to be used everywhere.

And a part bag which can be constructed into tool pliers.

In addition, there are some scattered parts and 7 electroplated hubs with tires.


There are many linkage functions and details in this set. I think that may be where I want to start, so what are the details of this set?
Next, let's take a look at the details of the set.

This 1:9 scale Rove 6X6 race car model features has multiple open designs, such as its hood and door mask can be opened. 

We can see a detailed V6 engine when we open the hood. This part looks very technological!

There is an integrated winch in the front of the car. We can turn this gear to adjust the length of the rope.

This set has a good tail structure! It's full of details. We can turn the spare tire to open the door.

The creator tried to restore the real car in every detail. There is an adjustable ladder on the left side of the car. This foldable ladder can help us get on the roof.

The top of the car is made up of many electroplated parts, Nice decorative parts makes it looks better.

In addition to the above, there is one more important detail. This model car has independent suspensions function. Its resilience is very strong.



Pieces: this set uses a large number of high quality technology pieces, I believe that people who have tried will also feel very good. All the pieces are from the highest quality pieces we can get. And in terms of hand feel, they are basically the same as LEGO pieces. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about. 
Structure: This set is very stable in structure. But there is a place to pay attention to, when turning the spare tire to open the door, the range should not be too large, otherwise the spring is easy to dislocation.
Appearance: the unique silver color scheme makes it looking so cool overall.
On the whole, it is a good set worth trying. But there is a disadvantage. There will be some ripples on the parts. It doesn't look very good. But fortunately, it doesn't affect the overall appearance.

The above is today's sharing, thank you!


  1. will you sell a motor kit for this set?

  2. I am building this and there are parts that say buy extra. do we need to buys this, can we build with out? if so, how?

  3. Bummer that NIFELIZ sold a product that needed additional parts, but then never offered customers a way to purchase those parts.

  4. Can you email instructions or post them?


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