Review: Nifeliz Retro Car Sliver Cloud

Hello everyone, this is Karla. 

Today I am gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz Retro Car Sliver Cloud. 

Nifeliz Retro car Sliver Cloud consists of 1096 easy-installation parts. This 1:14 scale GT race car model features detailed replicated shape, many open design etc. You can find other details when you build it. Hope you like it!

Now, let’s get into the topic.


Nifeliz has changed the previous style. The pattern on the color box is no longer just the brand logo, but the pattern of this kit is designed on it, which looks good.

The Nifeliz Retro car Sliver Cloud set includes an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book. It looks great.

What’s more, Nifeliz contact information is available at the bottom of the first page of the instruction book. This allows us to ask for helping if we encounter difficulties in building. Although it may not be used in the end, it was very useful for us to contact them.

All parts of this set are divided according to steps.
Section 1 - 5 No. 1 bag and an universal bags

Section 2- 3 No. 2 bags

Section 3 - 3 No. 3 bags and 2 white rubber bands 

Section 4- 3 No. 4 bags

Section 5- 2 No. 5 bags

This set has a total of 16 bags, including 1 universal bags without number. The parts in this bag are electroplated. love it :) 

In addition, this set includes 5 wheels and tires. One of the spare tires is different from the other four.


First of all, we started to build the chassis. But now we still can't see what the structure is. We keep going down.

This is the front wheel steering of this set. It is made up of several pieces. 

We can see that in the position of steering linkage, there is a shaft leading to the roof.

The first part is completed.

Here, we need to install the spare tire. This spare tire in this trunk is fixed and cannot be moved.

Next, we need to use some parts to build the cover of the trunk and install it. That's the end of the second part.

The threshold is made of electroplated parts. So cool.

Delicate little ornaments. 

Put these trinkets in the back seat. The third part is completed. 

The next step is to build the two doors of the set. Full of details.

Front windshield and center console. 

Perfect the details of the engine compartment, and the fourth part is completed.

This is the overall picture after the completion of the fourth part.

We can see that the front lights of this kit are made of electroplated parts. It looks good.

In addition, this one is also made of electroplated parts. It's shiny. So really beautiful!

Install the hood and four wheels, and the whole car is finished. The effect is quite amazing.


Manually opening doors

Opening Hood. Open the hood to find the details inside.

Opening Trunk. Open the trunk and take out the spare tire.

Replicated Headlights 

Detailed Interior



Pieces: all the pieces are from the highest quality we can get. And in terms of hand feel, they are basically the same as LEGO brick. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about. In addition, many parts of the kit are electroplated.
Appearance: height restores the appearance of the real car.
On the whole, it is a good set worth trying. Interested partners, you can also start to try :)
Anyway, thank you for your reading.

The above is today’s sharing, thank you!