Nifeliz July 2022 New Sets Teaser

Hi buddies! Welcome back to our Nifeliz blog. This is Karla from the Nifeliz team. 

Another month has passed, and another month has come. Today I want to share with you the new collection of Nifeliz sets for next month. Now let's get into what you're looking forward to today!  

1. Nifeliz Floarr Plant Decor Flowers Bouquet

Nifeliz Floarr Plant Decor Flowers Bouquet Compatible With Lego

The flower bouquet with vase consists of 421 high-quality brick pieces. This Nifeliz Floarr Plant Decor Flowers Bouquet building kit is a unique gift that creates a beautiful flower display model made entirely with bricks. Inspired by real-life plants and flowers, the flower bouquet delivers vibrant colors and comes in fun shapes. You can create your own bouquet to decorate your home, or display it with a vase in your office and room, on the shelf and desk, and anywhere you like.  

Arrive Time: Around July 18th

2. Nifeliz Sakura Tree Building Set

Nifeliz Sakura Tree Building Set Compatible With Lego

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of the beauty of life, happiness, enthusiasm, purity, nobility and spirit, representing elegant, simple and pure love. A cherry tree full of pink cherry blossoms is the most beautiful language to express love to a loved one. 

This fascinating project consists of 747 pieces. The cherry blossoms are magnificent and captivating in the sunlight, which is visually breathtaking. The embellishment of pink and white cherry blossoms creates a romantic atmosphere for the figures under the tree. The Nifeliz Sakura Tree building set creates a beautiful flower display model made entirely with bricks and is perfect for anyone who loves cherry blossoms or creative building with bricks. This is a unique birthday or holiday gift for a loved one or anyone who loves creative projects.   

Arrive Time: Around July 22nd

3. Nifeliz PR91 Race Car

Nifeliz PR91 Race Car Compatible With Lego

The Porsche 911 RSR and its predecessor GT3 RSR, GT3 RS and GT3 R are a line of GT racing cars produced by Porsche that are used in motorsport for endurance races. They are based on the currently highest class in GT racing worldwide, the GTE class from ACO. 

The 2017 version of the Porsche 911 RSR is a racing car developed by Porsche to compete in the LM GTE categories of the Automobile Club sanctioned by FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series and GTLM class, of the International Motor Sports Association's IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship. It serves as the replacement for the Porsche 911 RSR (991). The car was unveiled in November 2016 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The 911 RSR is the first Porsche GT endurance race car to feature a radar-supported collision warning system named the “Collision Avoid System”, which allows drivers an even broader picture of the racing action.  

This is an incredibly authentic replica of the Porsche 911 race car with realistic features and functions. This race car model building kit consists of 1,202 pieces and is packed with lots of details and functions, such as steering wheel and front wheel linkage, adjustable rear wing, manually opening doors, replicated shape of the real car, opening hood and detailed interior. What's more, this set also comes with beautiful stickers to bring it closer to the real racing car when applied. This Nifeliz PR91 Race Car model has been designed to provide an unforgettable, immersive building experience and a joyful sense of accomplishment. Get your boy a special birthday or holiday gift! 

Arrive Time: Around July 17th

4. Nifeliz H2 Motorcycle

Nifeliz H2 Motorcycle Compatible With Lego

As a sport tourer, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX is unique in performance and is also one of Kawasaki's most advanced models. Kawasaki has revealed the latest Ninja H2 SX SE at the Milan auto show. The car makes Kawasaki the first Japanese automaker to use adaptive cruise control, collision detection and blind-spot monitoring, and is the world’s third production motorcycle to be equipped with the Bosch radar system  after Ducati and BMW. Kawasaki has added a new ARAS driver assistance system to the H2 SX, making it the most electronically controlled car in Kawasaki's history. 

The Nifeliz H2 Motorcycle is based on the design of Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE and realistically recreates the shape of the real motorcycle. This is a 1:5 scale large motorcycle model. This set consists of 2,288 brick pieces compatible with LEGO and features lots of details and functions, such as authentic braking system, gear shifting function, suspension system, flexible front steering, chain transmission, realistic kickstand and replicated shape of the real motorcycle. In addition, the model comes with a nice set of pad printed stickers that bring it closer to the real motorcycle when applied. The Nifeliz H2 Motorcycle building kit offers an exciting building challenge for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors, and will give you hours of building and excitement. Highly recommended!

Arrive Time: Around July 20th

That's all of what I wanna share with you today.
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  1. I have tried to email ayoung at but it keeps coming back as filed to send. Want to keep adding .com to the email address. I bought the off road jeep wanger and the manual does not say how to put on the wheels and no list of the bricks included with the set. Was this just missed in the manual. It was for the 2096 pieces jeep.


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