Nifeliz Black Friday Deals

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to our blog. It's Karla from the Nifeliz team here. 

We're ready to make an amazing offer all of our Nifeliz sets during Black Friday Event. 

Discount on all builds! The lowest price in the whole year! 

20% at most. NO PRICE RAISING!

DATE: 11.24-11.28

And I've listed 10 top-selling and most popular sets below, and don't forget to check them out and pick out your favourite set.  

— 10 Most WANTED Nifeliz Sets —

These are the top ten that I would pick. We're going to start with number 1 and then work all the way to number 10. Number 1 is is the most popular. It's amazing, so do stick around for that, but anyway, let's start with number 1.

All right, guys. So number 1 on this list is going to be Nifeliz DIVN Race Car MOC Building Kit and Engineering Toy, which is a modified version of the Bugatti Divo. It is a masterful work of art. I actually believe this is better than Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy. The Nifeliz 1:8 scale model has 3,728 pieces, opening doors and hood, a functional eight-speed sequential gearbox with a paddle shifter inside, a highly detailed W-16 engine, an adjustable rear wing and suspension. As well as the steering wheel, there is a gear in the front that turns the front wheels. Also, the Nifeliz Bugatti Divo model is rendered in two-tone color, dark and light blue. And that looks great. So all these features are no less awesome than those of Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron. And not only that, but also it is way cheaper than that one. Overall, this build is beautifully done. I'm super thrilled with the way it turned out and the price. 

Nifeliz DIVN Race Car Compatible With Lego

So number 2 is actually going to be the Nifeliz Black Hawk Pirates Ship Model Building Blocks Kits. This set is inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films and it consists of 1,352 pieces. I'm not a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but I do love model ships and this one is amazing. In my estimation, this set is suitable for both display and playing. It's a wonderful display piece because it's the perfect size. There are a lot of details without taking up a lot of space. It's also going to be great for a kid because of its play features and its fantastic pirate-based little figures that offer a lot of fun and creativity. So I think this should be a wonderful gift for your boy. 

Nifeliz Black Hawk Pirates Ship

At number 3, we have Nifeliz Badboy Steam Train Building Kit. A true replica of the largest steam locomotive ever built. This building set is based on prototype of Union Pacific Big Boy, which is a 4000 class 4-8-8-4 Mallet articulated steam locomotive manufactured by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) between 1941 and 1944 and operated. This set consists of 1608 pieces easy-installation parts. Features the steam locomotive with highly detailed crew compartment and a unique tender, plus 6 tracks. Beside, this set with exquisite stickers for additional detailing. So many details are really fascinating. Overall, it is a great-looking set. This would be a great display piece for the background or on a desk or on a bookshelf or something like that because you can never go wrong with displaying a beautiful model train. I believe that if it were you, you would absolutely love it.

Nifeliz Badboy Steam Train Building Kit

So for number 4, this is going to be the Nifeliz Super car Sanna MOC Building Blocks kit. This is a modified version of the McLaren Senna. The 1:12 scale model has 1,182 pieces, so it is a model that kid also can complete challenges independently. The first time I saw this kit, the Gorgeous Volcano Red really caught my eye. Beside, it is packed with lots of details and functions, such as simulation engine, electroplating exhaust pipe, manually opening doors, replicated shape of the real car and detailed interior. This racing car model is designed to provide an unforgettable, immersive building experience and a joyful sense of accomplishment. Get a special birthday or holiday gift for your boy or yourself!   

Nifeliz Super car Sanna Compatible With Lego

All right, guys. At number 5, we have Nifeliz Lilac Bonsai Tree Toy Building Kit and Display Model. It consists of 974 pieces. This is a bonsai tree. If you seek a relaxing and rewarding hobby, bonsai gardening can bring harmony and peace to your life. Therefore, I believe our family will enjoy a sense of calm as we carefully shape the bonsai tree model with either pink lilac blossoms or green leaves. This Nifeliz Bonsai Tree model also comes with an elegant rectangular gold pot, so that you can easily display it. And what's more, seeing these graceful plastic bricks really on the centerpiece of your kitchen counter, for instance, will probably cause people to take a double look at them.

Nifeliz Lilac Bonsai Tree Toy

So for number 6, We have Nifeliz Sakura Tree Plant Decor Building Kit. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of the beauty of life, happiness, enthusiasm, purity, nobility and spirit, representing elegant, simple and pure love. A cherry tree full of pink cherry blossoms is the most beautiful language to express love to a loved one. This fascinating project consists of 747 pieces. The embellishment of pink and white cherry blossoms creates a romantic atmosphere for the figures under the tree. The cherry blossoms are magnificent and captivating in the sunlight, which is visually breathtaking. It makes not only a great shared build to assemble with your partner but also the perfect gift for him or her! The Nifeliz Sakura Tree building set creates a beautiful flower display model made entirely with bricks and is perfect for anyone who loves cherry blossoms or creative building with bricks. 

Nifeliz Sakura Tree Plant Decor

Number 7, Orchid is a traditional symbol of elegance and geniality. This Charming project for adults includes 588 pieces, bring a touch of peaceful sense to your life with its creative build. Nifeliz Phalaenopsis Flower are the perfect way to add a touch of beauty to any room in your home. Create a stunning arrangement, including a vase, flowers, and all the necessary add-ons for that extra special touch of elegance. In addition, you don't need any experience to create a beautiful bouquet. Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to brighten up your own home, a Nifeliz phalaenopsis flower kit is a perfect solution.

Nifeliz Phalaenopsis Flower Compatible With Lego

At number 8, this is going to be Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe MOC Building Blocks and Engineering Toy. This is a modified version of a Starbucks coffeehouse consisting of 2,926 pieces. Starbucks holds a really special place in my heart and a Starbucks coffeehouse is such a vibrant and inviting space. As for this set, I really like the way it looks. This model is low and angular. I also love the attention to detail. I can see the blue car parked in the drive-through, waiting for their order. And it comes with a light set, which looks cool. Also, I like how everything's sort of modular, so you can take it apart. Anyway, Starbucks really means a lot to me and  having a set like this would be more of like a sentimental feeling. 

Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe

At number 9, we have Nifeliz Medieval Market Building Kit. It consists of 1,724 pieces and it came out in 2021. So this is a modified version of the medieval marketplace and as you can see, it looks beautiful. This one of the most detailed castle sets I have ever seen. It is really well designed and pretty sturdy. This thought-out set features a magnificent two-storey house and a really remarkable level of detail in various smaller builds such as the horse and a wagon, the old-growth tree and the market stall. With this incredibly detailed set, we can bridge the worlds of fantasy and reality. And I love the fact that this set is compatible with both a Nifeliz City scene and a Lego one, which is a definite plus. This is like the definition of a set that you can buy multiple of just to supersize and make it larger. 

Nifeliz Medieval Market

All right. Ladies and gentlemen, now for number 10, it is going to be Nifeliz Flying House Building Kit for Kids. This set is inspired by Up, a 2009 American computer-animated film and contains 635 pieces. I love Up. That movie is awesome. And I love the set. I think the build is super unique. I think they did a great job of translating this from an actual thing into toy brick form. You can see it's really really close. It's kind of amazing to see how these toy brick tensegrity structures seem to defy the law of gravity and that's what makes this one so special. These structures are amazing to look at because they appear to float! It seems to me that the Nifeliz chains are exerting a force on the Nifeliz component that is not attached to the base. So I want to have a go at building this one myself and figure out how these forces make the “floating” possible.

Nifeliz Flying House Building Kit

As well as these 10 awesome sets I just mentioned, over the years, the Nifeliz Group has released hundreds of sets with a variety of themes, including large cars, mini cars, medieval town, Nifeliz home, street view, motorcycles, sailing ships, dinosaur, fossil, fishing village, cruise liner and mecha. And there's always a pretty good selection of them available. 

If you want to learn more information, go to Nifeliz Official Amazon Shop. Remember, it is only for a limited time during Black Friday Deals. So act fast to take advantage of these spectacular savings then! Happy shopping!

And for more information, click the link below: 

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