Nifeliz February 2023 New Sets Teaser

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Another month has passed, and another month has come. Today I want to share with you the new collection of Nifeliz sets for next month. 

Now let's get into what you're looking forward to today!  

February New Sets

1. Nifeliz Medieval Tavern

Nifeliz Medieval Tavern Compatible With Lego

A Tavern refers to a public building that provides accommodation, catering services and entertainment activities for passengers.

The management of taverns and hotels in the Middle Ages was a major business in medieval Europe. In Britain, hotels are mainly distributed in towns, and most of them soon become landmarks of their areas.

Medieval hotels have various scales, but they are often quite large buildings, which are very prominent in the landscape of towns. The basic layout of the hotel includes the hall, kitchen, stables, storage area (cellar), guest rooms (toilet/bathroom), and accommodation for the hotel owner and his family. With the growth of trade, some hotels, especially carriage hotels, have increased their accommodation for visiting or passing passengers.

Since the 19th century, the facilities of some national hotels have been quite perfect. After the Second World War, due to the increasingly developed transportation, the increasingly frequent international exchanges and the rapid development of tourism, more and more hotels were built around the world.

Nifeliz Medieval Tavern consists of 2710 pieces compatible with LEGO bricks. This classic medieval house features loads of realistic functions and details. The roof and top 2 levels lift off for easy viewing of the fully furnished bedroom and dining area, plus a storage room that is created with a box of beer, three wooden buckets, pumpkins in a big pot and a cute little cat. Other features include a cart full of details, a pavilion for rest and all kinds of flowers, plants and trees, plus a a chicken house at the back of the house with buildable models of 2 cute chicks and a gray buckets. Some plants climbing the walls and a beautiful big tree for chickens to enjoy the cool. Everywhere is full of life. In addition, this Nifeliz brick-built street Medieval Tavern is fitted with a lighting device that allows you to enjoy different modes of bright days and dark nights. This is a really impressive building set with lots of realistic details and a perfect gift for yourself or brick-building lovers. This Nifeliz Medieval Tavern is compatible with LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith 21325 to enjoy and play with, so you can build your own medieval house with your family. Highly recommended!

Here is the link: Nifeliz Medieval Tavern On Amazon

Arrive Time: Around February 14th

2. Nifeliz Interstellar Fighter

Nifeliz Interstellar Fighter Compatible With Lego

Star warships are used for weapons of interstellar war between planets. The first purpose is to carry out long-range projection of troops between planets and destroy the enemy's planetary defense system, so as to occupy and control colonial or hostile planets. Objective 2: Destroy the enemy's interstellar warships in order to occupy part or all of the starfield. Objective 3: escort ships without armed forces.

Nifeliz Interstellar Fighter consists of 1146 pieces easy-installation parts. As a MOC building blocks and buildable toy for teens and adults, this military model can be an ideal gift or collection for mechanical or starship building block enthusiasts fans, and it is compatible with lego. It features tons of details and realistic functions, such as a openable flank defense gun, 360-degree rotatable pulse energy gun, simulate the cannon above the fuselage, replicated fighter styling etc. Besides, The creator also equipped some small combat ships around the fuselage which bring it closer the the real Starship. The Nifeliz Interstellar Fighter provides a thrilling building challenge for "STAR WAR" fans, gunship enthusiasts and collectors and will give you hours of fun build. Highly recommended! 

Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished.
Arrive Time: Around February 14th

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  1. I am missing pieces to my battleship bags 3 and 4 and 7 and 8 that I'm trying to put together with my grandson Can you please help me and send me some pieces to finish this ship You can get ahold of me at


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