Nifeliz Easter Deals

Nifeliz Easter Deals

In this mysterious world, Easter becomes more magical and special each year. While people are busy preparing eggs and gifts, Nifeliz has also prepared some very special Easter Deal and a bunch of different Nifeliz sets are included in those deals. Such as Our "Large cars", "Military Series", "Train Series" and "Pirate Ship Series" and a series of other building block toys.

In order to appreciate our fans, on the 4th and 11th of April 2023, Nifeliz will be offering up to 20% off orders! 


We've listed some of our top-selling and most popular sets below, and don't forget to check them out and pick out your favourite or inspire your Easter gift ideas.  

— 12 Most WANTED Nifeliz Sets —

These are the top twelve that I would pick. We're going to start with number 1 and then work all the way to number 12. Number 1 is the one that I really want to get right now. It's amazing, so do stick around for that, but anyway, let's start with number 1.

All right, guys. So number 1 is actually going to be the Nifeliz Black Hawk Pirates Ship Model Building Blocks Kits. This set is inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films and it consists of 1,352 pieces. This set is suitable for both display and playing. It's a wonderful display piece because it's the perfect size. There are a lot of details without taking up a lot of space. It's also going to be great for a kid because of its play features and its fantastic pirate-based little figures that offer a lot of fun and creativity. This Pirates Ship building block toys not only help you develop your spatial imagination and hand-eye coordination, but also allow you to explore the mysteries of seafaring and learn more about pirates.

Nifeliz Black Hawk Pirates Ship Compatible With Lego

So number 2 is actually going to be the Nifeliz Home The Great Wave Building Block Set. "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" is a woodblock print painted by Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese ukiyo-e artist. Hokusai's most famous work depicts a giant wave about to smash three small boats navigating off the coast of Kanagawa. It's one of the art world's most iconic works and it was created in the 19th century.
Now you can create a building block version of Hokusai's "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" model!  Each set comes with 1,830 pieces compatible with lego bricks. This set describes the brave boatmen are in order to survive and the nature of a dangerous and fierce struggle, and expresses the people brave the wind and waves, the fearless spirit of courage. During the immersive building process, you can completely relax with this creative activity and indulge in some joy and genuine mindfulness. Recreate Hokusai's The Great Wave with bricks to produce a famously art!

Nifeliz Home The Great Wave Compatible With Lego

At number 3, we have Nifeliz Black Greymon, Iconic Mecha Display Set. Nifeliz Metal Greymon Model is based on the image of Black War Greymon in film and TV plays, and the designer adds lively expressions and characters to the Greymon to bring it closer to the film image. This set includes 1158 pieces and features lots of details, such as replicated Greymon shape, simulated wings and exquisited sticker. In addition, its limbs can move, so that it can freely change its standing posture and hand joints, leg joints and wings can be adjusted to make it more vivid. The attractive construction and Greymon look make it a perfect gift for yourself or any Black War Greymon fan. With a creative character and simple stylish settings, it brings you more space themes or room decoration.

Nifeliz Black Greymon Compatible With Lego

So for number 4, this is going to be the Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe MOC Building Blocks and Engineering Toy. This is a modified version of a Starbucks coffeehouse consisting of 2,926 pieces. Starbucks holds a really special place in my heart and a Starbucks coffeehouse is such a vibrant and inviting space. As for this set, I really like the way it looks. This model is low and angular. I also love the attention to detail. I can see the blue car parked in the drive-through, waiting for their order. And it comes with a light set, which looks cool. Also, I like how everything's sort of modular, so you can take it apart. Anyway, Starbucks really means a lot to me and  having a set like this would be more of like a sentimental feeling. 

Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe Compatible With Lego

All right, guys. At number 5, we have Nifeliz Off-Road Ambulance Truck. The design of this Nifeliz Military Rescue Vehicle model was based on a real Unimog field ambulance. The Unimog has been a fixture of many armed forces around the world ever since the first generation models went into service with the Swiss and West German armed forces in the 1950s. Military users span the entirety of the globe, from the US Army to the Australian Army, but one of the most prevalent users is the German Bundeswehr.
Nifeliz Off-Road Ambulance Truck consists of 3850 pieces compatible with LEGO bricks and comes in an dark green color scheme. The creator was replicates the real  Military off-road rescue vehicle to a great extent. This Rescue Vehicle contains a wealth of details and structural functions. Working V6 engine, steering wheel and front wheel linkage, turn the gear to control the winch, rotating gear controls boom telescoping, simulated skylight design, manually opening doors, roof locker, engine cover and so on. In addition, this military vehicle is equipped with various rescue tools, such as folding stretcher truck, traffic cone, lifeboat, shovel and electric saw, etc. The finished product is tough, classic and fashionable. Military sets are one of boys' favorite theme, this set is a great idea for Easter Day, Christmas, various festivals, birthday gift for them. Get your boy a special birthday or holiday gift!

Nifeliz Off-Road Ambulance Truck Compatible With Lego

So for number 6, We have Nifeliz Epiphyllum Display Model. It consists of 678 pieces. Inspired by a real epiphyllum, this Nifeliz flower building toy does capture the meticulous details of the fleeting Epiphyllum. Real epiphyllum Oxypetalum (Queen of The Night) is a night-blooming, tropical epiphyte to lithophyte. It has huge, showy, very fragrant white flowers that open only once, at night and are typically only last that one night. And this Nifeliz plant display set restoring the fleeting Epiphyllum. Due to the pursuit of a sophisticated life, good-looking home decorations are becoming increasingly popular. With its eye-catching appearance, this Nifeliz plant decor for adults is a sought-after ornament for plant lovers. This Nifeliz Epiphyllum model also comes with a detailed blue fluted vase and a chic brown base, so that you can easily display it. Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to brighten up your own home, a Nifeliz Epiphyllum kit is a perfect solution.

Nifeliz Epiphyllum Display Model Compatible With Lego

Number 7, we have Nifeliz Badboy Steam Train Building Kit. A true replica of the largest steam locomotive ever built. This building set is based on prototype of Union Pacific Big Boy, which is a 4000 class 4-8-8-4 Mallet articulated steam locomotive manufactured by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) between 1941 and 1944 and operated. This set consists of 1608 pieces easy-installation parts. Features the steam locomotive with highly detailed crew compartment and a unique tender, plus 6 tracks. Beside, this set with exquisite stickers for additional detailing. So many details are really fascinating. Overall, it is a great-looking set. This would be a great display piece for the background or on a desk or on a bookshelf or something like that because you can never go wrong with displaying a beautiful model train. I believe that if it were you, you would absolutely love it.

Nifeliz Badboy Steam Train Compatible With Lego

At number 8, this is going to be Nifeliz Succulents Plant Decor Building Kit(Colorful Succulents). This collectible set features 8 succulents in different shapes and bright colors that can liven up the space. Each plant has been carefully designed to capture the details of a real succulent. Inspired by real succulents including Echeveria chihuahuensis, Portulacaria afra (Elephant bush), Crassula perforata (String of buttons), Aeonium balsamiferum (Balsam houseleek), Matucana madisoniorum, rouge Berry, Opuntia leptocaulis (Tasajillo) and Epithelantha bokei (Pingpong ball cactus), this is a plant set that will never wither and brings anyone a touch of fun and happiness. The 8 different succulent plants bonsai is a gorgeous and beautiful decoration that will be the brightest and most attractive wherever you place it. Take your time crafting realistic succulent details and create an elegant, low-maintenance plant display to decorate your living space with creativity.

Nifeliz Succulents Plant Decor Compatible With Lego

At number 9, we have Nifeliz Super car Sanna MOC Building Blocks kit. This is a modified version of the McLaren Senna. The 1:12 scale model has 1,182 pieces, so it is a model that kid also can complete challenges independently. The first time I saw this kit, the Gorgeous Volcano Red really caught my eye. Beside, it is packed with lots of details and functions, such as simulation engine, electroplating exhaust pipe, manually opening doors, replicated shape of the real car and detailed interior. This racing car model is designed to provide an unforgettable, immersive building experience and a joyful sense of accomplishment. Get a special birthday or holiday gift for your boy or yourself!  

Nifeliz Super car Sanna Compatible With Lego

All right. Ladies and gentlemen, now for number 10, it is going to be Nifeliz T28 Super Heavy Tank Model Kit. This building set is based on prototype of T28 Super Heavy Tank which was an American heavily armored tank/self-propelled gun designed for the United States Army during World War II. Nifeliz T28 heavy tank have all the functions it should have. Working tracks, adjustable pointing angle and the separable enhanced tracks. These are exactly what the original T28 tank has. Original T28 Super Heavy Tank to lower ground pressure, instead of two tracks, it used four tracks that projected forward of the hull, each 23 inches (584 mm) wide. Built with 2,986 pieces, this Nifeliz T28 military tank model comes with a lot authentic details.Axes, hammer, shovel, spare tracks... all the detailed parts are designed for a real military enthusiast. Nifeliz T28 Super Heavy Tank building block sets allow you boy to experience the charm of war and military affairs while having fun. Prepare a Easter surprise for your boy.

Nifeliz T28 Super Heavy Tank Model Toy Compatible With Lego

So number 11 is actually going to be the Nifeliz Scorpion Fighter Building Set. Nifeliz Scorpion Warplane is based on the Scorpion Gunship from the movie "Avatar" and highly replicates its shape. The set comes with five-door sights, aircraft landing gear, and all kinds of amazing details. One of the things that fascinates me most about this fighter model is its two super-large propellers that are real similar to those on Scorpion Gunship on movie. Besides, the model also comes with some armor-piercing rocket, laser guided missile which bring it closer the the real Gunship. The Nifeliz Scorpion Warplane provides a thrilling building challenge for "Avatar" fans, gunship enthusiasts and collectors. So this one is just a great-looking set and offers you some great play features as well. 

Nifeliz Scorpion Fighter Compatible With Lego

All right. Ladies and gentlemen, now for number 12, it is going to be Nifeliz Knuckle Chopper Motorcycle Building Kit. This set is inspired by Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is not only a motorcycle, but also a unique way of life that represents freedom, individuality. Harley Davidson are not necessities of life, nor are they daily means of transportation, but is redefined and developed into an interesting sport. This 451piece project offers an insight into motorcycle engineering along with a relaxing and rewarding building experience for adults and kids to engage. With realistic features, it introduces builders to the world of engineering, as they discover how gear mechanisms work. This motorcycle model is designed to provide an unforgettable, immersive building experience and a joyful sense of accomplishment. Get a special birthday or holiday gift for your boy or yourself!  

Nifeliz Knuckle Chopper Motorcycle Compatible With Lego

— Nifeliz Easter Sale—

In this special Easter season, let Nifeliz lead you into a new world of creativity and challenge! Let's experience the magic and unique fun that building block toys bring, and create amazing works together.
As well as these 12 awesome sets I mentioned earlier, over the years, the Nifeliz Group has released hundreds of sets with a variety of themes, including large cars, mini cars, medieval town, Nifeliz home, street view, motorcycles, sailing ships, dinosaur, fossil, fishing village and mecha. And there's always a pretty good selection of them available. 
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Action Fast to take advantage of these spectacular savings then! Happy shopping!
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So thank you for reading, guys. I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact us by email
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