Nifeliz September 2023 New Sets Teaser

Nifeliz New Sets

Hi buddies! Welcome back to our Nifeliz blog. This is Karla from the Nifeliz team. 

Another month has passed. Today I want to share with you the new collection of Nifeliz sets for next month. Now let’s get into what you’re looking forward to today!  

September New Sets

1. Nifeliz Cadilac Elrado Model Car

Nifeliz Cadilac Elrado Model Car Compatible With Lego

Consisting of 1,245 brick pieces compatible with LEGO, this Nifeliz 487 Sports Car features a classic black and red color scheme that brings it closer to the real car. The mini car model includes a simulated engine, steering wheel, exquisite interior, Double row red seats, and multiple opening designs such as opening doors, hood and trunk etc. In addition, the car is a convertible, making it easy for you to observe the interior. This car model is designed to provide an unforgettable, immersive building experience and a joyful sense of accomplishment. Get a special birthday or holiday gift for your boy or yourself!

Arrive Time: Around September 23rd

2. Nifeliz DV Sports Car

Nifeliz DV Sports Car Compatible With Lego

The Nifeliz DV Sports Car model was inspired by the real Dodge Viper. The designer has been meticulous in both exterior and interior detailing, which remarkably replicates the real car itself. Consisting of 1,236 brick pieces compatible with LEGO, this Nifeliz DV Sports Car features a classic yellow color scheme. This sports car model features simulated engine, steering wheel and front wheel linkage, emulated look, openable doors, hood, trunk and wing etc. It is very similar to the real car in this scale, which brings the precise knowledge to the children.

Here is the link: Nifeliz DV Sports Car

Arrive Time: Around September 23rd

That's all of what I wanna share with you today.
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