Nifeliz New Sets are coming! -December Teaser

So sorry for the long delay in this update.
We are making effort to produce some nice new designed sets and upgrade the quality of content from this channel.
There are about 4-6 new sets will be publish this month!
Hope you love them!

Welcome to the official Nifeliz Blog where everything for car lovers and LEGO technic fans! All our sets build with parts compatible with LEGO Technic Parts. We also provide instruction on our official blog. It's FREE. You can build our sets with your LEGO Technic Pieces or buy a kit of our sets, comes with Nifeliz Parts (completely compatible with LEGO Technic Parts) and a instrction book. Of course, it will be a lower price. We update our latetest set and review video here. If you are a LEGO fans, you would not miss the good LEGO MOC design from us, don't you? Subscribe to the OFFICIAL Nifeliz channels: Nifeliz Car Set: Get the FREE Instruction from OFFICIAL Nifeliz Blog: Nifeliz Car Set: Also get them from OFFICIAL Nifeliz Facebook Page: Nifeliz Car Set: OFFICIAL Nifeliz Instagram, nice photos for lego fans and car lovers


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