Instruction - Nifeliz Veno Instruction PDF for FREE

So sorry for updating this Instruction so late.

Listen to your suggestions, our future instructions will be published in the form of PDF.

Thank you very much for your support!

Click here to see and download your Nifeliz Lamborghini Veneno Instruction.

Bty, from this month, we will launch new sets one after another. Including 2  1:8 compatible with lego technic car sets in this month.

Thanks for your support again! We will do better in the near future!


  1. How do I go about getting parts ? I am missing 2 pieces

  2. I reach the No 4 set of bags and I have three missing parts already, Today I sent an email to whit the scanned pictures of the missing parts, I will stop until I get the parts. Hopefully they honor their word of send the missing parts.

  3. Who can I call to see to get part

    1. In you instruction book, there is an e-mail address, is there how you get your missing parts, send a photo of the parts that are missing to that e-mail address and they will answer you in a couple of days. Parts will arrive in three or four weeks.

  4. i am missing the link on where to download the app to run the remote. what is the name of the app?

  5. Where do I get the motor for this?


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