REVIEW: Nifeliz Super Car V12 GT

Hey guys. Welcome to Nifeliz's blog. I'm Victor, from the Nifeliz team. Nifeliz's sets are not Lego but compatible. So today we're gonna be reviewing another Nifeliz set. 

— Set details —

This one is called Nifeliz Super Car V12 GT MOC and it consists of 2527 pieces. So this car replicates the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT and as you can see, it looks very cool. It's a dream car. It's for ages 16 and up. So let's open this up.

We have got an instruction manual, a whole bunch of stickers, a bunch of pieces, 4 wheels and 3 pipes.

Next up, I'm gonna count the bags. One, two, three...27. This set has a total of 27 bags, including three universal bags without number. These bags are the universal bag of this set, which are need to be used everywhere.

Section 1 - 4 No. 1 bags

Section 2 - 6 No. 2 bags

Section 3 - 4 No. 3 bags

Section 4 - 6 No. 4 bags

Section 5 - 4 No. 5 bags

Nifeliz actually has each bag numbered. Like, for example, number ones are for step one. This is a great idea because on some of these bigger sets, man, you gotta have an eagle eye or you can miss some very important stuff.

So let's just start this. 

— Build —

Hey guys. Welcome back. Well, we're finally done with this build. This took us about eight hours to make and we enjoyed building this one more than some other bigger builds. It was easier for us to make this.

Now I'm gonna go through some of the features. Actually, this car looks just like the real car. The Lamborghini V12  Vision GT is a concept car. The design is radical. It's crazy.
First off, we can admire the front part. It is a single seater with a canopy that opens like a fighter jet to climb in from the front.

So let's take a look at the bottom first and look at the mechanics, I guess. Let's focus here. Here we go. This is all the mechanics to get the canopy moving. If you can see here, zoom in, if you can see it very closely, this is the gear. When you turn the gear to the right, the canopy will open. And then when you turn it to the left, it'll close. 
However, you may find it kind of hard to turn it. That's the problem. It might be major to you, very minor to me. 

And then this car does not have working paddle shifters on it but it does have a mechanical linkage. For instance, The steering wheel can actually turn the two front wheels.

Then we can see the sides. The red brake calipers seem real.
And a pair of shock absorbers are fitted to each wheel. So Look at this. Its suspension is pretty good. But to be honest, the gold color on the wheels is not that attractive.

But um yeah so we have the back right here. The engine is also a feature. You know, it moves. When the wheels move, the pistons actually go up and down.
Oh, by the way, there are a few differences between this one and the real car, one of which is that this one has a eight-cylinder engine while the actual car has a twelve-cylinder one.

As for the rear lights, there are some traditional lamborghini elements like they-shape we have here for the headlights and the rear lights you might recognize from other models.

Finally, the green exterior is realistic. And it feels smooth. The texture appeals to me. 

Besides, almost all the pieces fit together tight.

When you play with other builds, some parts will slip off or a certain piece keeps on falling off. That might make you mad. But this is not the case with this one. These are staying in there.


— Summary —

In a nutshell, Nifeliz Super Car V12 GT MOC to me stands out just as LEGO Technic Lamborghini Si├ín FKP 37. There's so many features to this and overall, the fit is tight. 

There was only that one flaw,you know, about turning the gear to make the canopy open. Also it could be more detailed if it had working paddle shifters and a twelve-cylinder engine.

Anyway, you're gonna like this car for it's super cool and worth the price. Nifeliz big cars might be a little more pricey than our small cars but it's still worth the price of what you're getting.

And we guarantee a good after-sales service so if you are missing a piece or if you receive a bad piece, you can go ahead and contact us.

Here is the link to get this.

Nifeliz Super Car V12 GT MOC on Amazon

So thank you for reading, guys. I hope this review was a help. If you have any questions, please comment them down below.

Bye-bye. Adios.


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  2. i bought this set and at the end the book showed that i need moders and a battery pack but it wasn't included within the set i was wondering were do i get the moders


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