Nifeliz October 2023 New Kits Teaser

Nifeliz Big Boy Locomotive

Hello, friends! Welcome back to the Nifeliz blog. I'm Tina, part of the Nifeliz team, and I'm thrilled to have you here.

As another month comes to a close, it's time to unveil the exciting new collection of Nifeliz sets for the upcoming month. I know you've been eagerly waiting for this, so let's dive right into what we have in store for you today!

1. Nifeliz Blue Meteor: 

Nifeliz Blue Meteor Compatible With Lego

Nifeliz Blue Meteor, consisting of 597 pieces, measures 9.05 x 3.93 x 6.69 inches when fully assembled. This Nifeliz mecha building set boasts a combination of 1 High Power Vector Thruster and 4 Power Drive Vector Dynamic Thrusters on its back, complemented by 2 Instant Burst Vector Thrusters located behind the waist. With a Prototype Beam Sub-machine Gun in each hand, this mecha model has the ability to unleash rapid and precise energy-based projectile fire. With its sleek design and advanced weaponry, this mecha building toy is perfect for both display and play. Get ready to unleash your creativity and build the ultimate fighting machine!

Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished.
Arrive Time: Around October 23rd

2. Nifeliz Wuotan:

Nifeliz Wuotan Compatible With Lego

The Nifeliz mecha building set consists of 630 pieces and has final dimensions of 9.4 x 7.87 x 8.26 inches when assembled. The Nifeliz Wuotan building toy features an electrosphere projectile cannon, advanced wing units, 2 Vector Thrusters, and 8 Instant Burst Vector Thrusters. The comprehensive layer of composite armor covers its body and legs. Additionally, the mech's shoulders, waist, arms, and hips can be adjusted to achieve a variety of combat poses. Gear up for an epic battle with the Wuotan mecha building set!

Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished.
Arrive Time: Around October 23rd

3. Nifeliz Red Mayfly:

Nifeliz Red Mayfly Compatible With Lego

The Nifeliz Red Mayfly building kit consists of 601 pieces. Once assembled, this Nifeliz mecha display set measures 6.85 x 4.01 x 9.13 inches. Nifeliz Red Mayfly is designed with a variety of weapons, including the TO5-Beam Sub-machine Gun, T15 Howitzer, TAMM4 Albatross Joint Missile, and T3 Armor Defend Shield, showcasing its power and unique charm. Additionally, the limbs of the Nifeliz Nifeliz Red Mayfly building toy can be easily adjusted to show your preferred combat poses. It is user-friendly and responds smoothly to your movements.

Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished.
Arrive Time: Around October 23rd

4. Nifeliz Brinoac:

Nifeliz Brinoac Compatible With Lego

The Nifeliz Brinoac building set consists of 651 pieces, with final dimensions of 6.85 x 4.01 x 9.13. This mecha model toy is fully armed, with one hand holding an M160 Beam Rifle, another hand equipped with a Composite Armor Shield, and its shoulders carrying a Cluster NAD Mine. With realistic joint components, this Nifeliz Brinoac model can be flexibly adjusted into various combat poses. Customize impressive stances for your model mecha, adding a stylish atmosphere to your office or home.

Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished.
Arrive Time: Around October 23rd

5. Nifeliz Big Boy Locomotive:

Nifeliz Big Boy Locomotive Compatible With Lego

Step back in time with this Nifeliz Big Boy locomotive building set! This nostalgic steam train building set, consisting of 1,818 pieces, pays homage to the golden age of railways. With its intricate detailing and realistic features, you'll feel like you're traveling through history. The electroplated painted parts lend a lifelike finish to this Nifeliz articulated steam locomotive model, enhancing its visual appeal. Additionally, the track components securely mount onto the black base, which boasts a display sign for an extra touch of authenticity. Whether you're a train enthusiast or simply looking for a unique building experience, this set is sure to captivate your imagination. Once assembled, the model steam train measures 31.1*5.11*4.3 inches, making it a standout centerpiece.

Arrive Time:  Around October 1st

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