Nifeliz November 2023 New Kits Teaser: Nifeliz DORA Railway Cannon

Nifeliz DORA Railway Gun Compatible With Lego

As the month draws to a close, it's time to unveil the highly anticipated Nifeliz building block set for the upcoming month. Prepare to embark on a riveting journey of construction and admiration as we introduce the Nifeliz Railway Cannon Building Kit. Once assembled, the 2,355-piece railway cannon model measures 23.2*6.2*8.45 inches in size, undoubtedly making it a striking centerpiece.

Inspired by the Gustav Railway Gun

At the heart of this Nifeliz creation is an homage to the Gustav Railway Gun. With a caliber of 800 millimeters, the Gustav Railway Gun was one of the largest artillery pieces ever built, and the Nifeliz Railway Cannon Building Kit captures its essence in detail.

Key Features of Nifeliz Railway Cannon

1. Adjustable Barrel: The railway cannon, boasts an adjustable barrel that can be raised and lowered to your liking. This attention to detail ensures that you can recreate the awe-inspiring functionality of the prototype.

2. Ammo Loading Mechanism and Transport Trailers: At the rear of this artillery display model set, you'll find a meticulously crafted ammunition loading mechanism. In addition, this railway artillery construction toy also features two miniature ammunition transport trailers, faithfully recreating the logistical support of the original.

3. Exquisite Printing: You'll be delighted to find an array of finely detailed printed pieces that add an extra layer of realism to your creation. These intricate designs ensure that every aspect of the railway cannon model toy is faithfully represented.

4. Smooth Mobility: The railway artillery building set comes with several black wheels, allowing it to glide effortlessly. This enhances the model's realism and playability.

5. Decorative Storage Boxes: The railway cannon building toy is elevated by the addition of two decorative storage boxes adorning its front, enhancing its visual appeal.

The Nifeliz Railway Cannon Building Kit isn't just about assembling bricks; it's about paying tribute to history, engineering, and innovation. With each piece meticulously designed and manufactured to precision, you'll embark on a journey that immerses you in the world of military technology.

Here is the link: Still no link yet, we will update when it is finished.
Arrive Time: Around November 15th

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  1. more than 1/2 the bags in this kit had no id. numbers on them .I'am looking at an old fashion build . i will complete this . but i guess iam going back to cobi.

  2. I have this set, I feel it's the best you guys have to offer. Also how do

  3. Also how do I order parts? I have I am missing parts and I am more than half way done. Can you please help me out.


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