Nifeliz Black Friday Deals

Nifeliz Black Friday Deals: Up to 20% Off

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the most exciting moment of the year! Nifeliz is gearing up to offer incredible discounts on all our building sets during the upcoming Black Friday event.

Discounts go as high as 20%, and there's absolutely no price markup!

Date: 11.24 - 11.27

We have selected the top 7 building sets for you. These Nifeliz building toys are from 4 series, offering a wide range of options.

-Large Car Series-

1. Nifeliz RI8 Race Car Set (1,685 Pieces)

Nifeliz RI8 Race Car Set

First, I'd like to show you an exhilarating race car building set, which is inspired by the 2016 Audi R18 E-tron Quattro. This 1:10 scale race car kit, comprised of 1685 pieces in organized numbered bags, promises a gratifying challenge for both car enthusiasts and racing aficionados. The Nifeliz RI8 car model provides a genuine building experience, including a working V4 engine, lifelike steering with steering wheels, and operable doors and rear hood. Elevate your creation by personalizing it with racetrack version transfer stickers, making your race car uniquely standout. Unleash the thrill of crafting your own racing masterpiece with the Nifeliz RI8 building set.

2. Nifeliz HOONIKEN Model Car Set (3,141 Pieces)

Nifeliz HOONIKEN Model Car Set

Next it was the turn of this fantastic 1:8 scale replica of the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2! The Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2 is a highly modified and customized version of the Ford Mustang. It was created in collaboration with Ken Block, a professional rally driver and founder of the Hoonigan racing team. This Nifeliz car building set include a four-wheel-drive system for enhanced traction and stability. The silver exhaust pipes and wheel rims add a touch of sophistication, creating a visually appealing contrast. Check out this amazing muscle car model! It's got cool stuff like doors, hood, and trunk that you can open, plus a real-deal V8 engine, making it as creative as those awesome Lego builds.

-Home Series-

3. Nifeliz Lilac Bonsai (974 Pieces)

Nifeliz Lilac Bonsai

Moving on from the awesome car building sets, let me show you something elegant for your home decor—Nifeliz Lilac Bonsai. This botanical model skillfully captures the lilac flower's growth process, featuring blooming blossoms, growing weeds, and tiny buds. Also, the lilac bonsai building toy seamlessly blends vibrant colors with lifelike details, bringing the essence of nature into your home or office. Its unique design features beautiful pink lilac blossoms and a flowerpot crafted from special gold-painted pieces, creating an incredibly eye-catching display. And the adjustable components on the flower stems provide flexibility in shaping, allowing you to design unique floral arrangements. Enhance your environment with this stunning centerpiece.

4. Nifeliz Violin (921 Pieces)

Nifeliz Violin

Meanwhile, throwing in some music vibes can amp up the homey feel, creating a classy atmosphere. Check out this super realistic violin-building set that'll catch your eye right away. It comes with a detailed brown violin model and a cool black stand, complete with all the real stuff like a scroll, fingerboard, chin rest, saddle, pegs, and strings. The front has an authentic bridge to hold up the strings, and you've got two f-holes on the soundboard along with a button near the tailpiece. But wait, it's not just for show! This instrument-building block set kicks it up a notch for some extra fun. You can pluck and press the four strings, and the pegs on the peg box are turnable. Get your role-play game on as a violinist, holding the bow in your right hand. This Nifeliz violin building kit is not just a cute ornament; it's a fun addition, perfect for creating an artsy vibe.

5. Nifeliz Up Balloon House (635 Pieces)

Nifeliz Up Balloon House

Alright, next up, let me show you this super cozy little house. It's based on Carl's house from the movie "Up." "Up" is a heartwarming animated adventure film created by Pixar Animation Studios. The story revolves around Carl Fredricksen, an elderly widower who fulfills his lifelong dream of exploring South America by attaching thousands of balloons to his house. This model set expertly brings to life the iconic balloon house, with its vibrant and lively balloons that truly steal the show. You can either hang it up or keep it down, depending on how you want to show it off. Assembling this model with family or friends is a fantastic activity that unites everyone and fosters communication and teamwork. This meticulously crafted model flying house is a collector's delight, perfect for gifting to future engineers or brick-building enthusiasts.

-Train Series-

6. Nifeliz Big Boy Locomotive (1,818 Pieces)

Nifeliz Big Boy Locomotive

Hey folks! Get ready for the lowdown on our train collection, and the absolute star of the show is none other than the Nifeliz Big Boy Locomotive! The Nifeliz Locomotive building set pays homage to the design of The Union Pacific Big Boy, drawing inspiration from its distinctive 4-8-8-4 wheel configuration. The Union Pacific Big Boy is a type of articulated steam locomotive and is known for being one of the largest steam locomotives ever built. Dive into the Nifeliz Locomotive building set – a killer combo of craftsmanship and fun. It's got a sturdy base, a legit brick track, and a cool display sign, measuring a neat 31.1×5.11×4.3 inches. Decked out with some silver electroplated parts, the model train nails a lifelike finish. Get up close and personal with the intricately designed wheels and spot-on smokestack and cab – it's all about that authentic, visually stunning vibe. Amp up your collection with the Nifeliz Locomotive building toy– where precision meets pure enjoyment.

-Military Series-

7. Nifeliz Leopard II A4 (1,686 Pieces)

Nifeliz Leopard II A4

Finally, let's talk about our military series, with the spotlight on the Nifeliz Leopard II A4. This true-to-life main battle tank model is designed in a cool styling and covered with thick armor. And the use of Leopard 2A4-specific decals adds authenticity, making it more recognizable. Attention to detail extends to the cockpit, which is not just for show – it has crew seats and can store all the heavy ammo. But it doesn't stop there – we've gone all out with a simulated MTU MD 873 Ka 501 turbo diesel engine. It's like we crammed the heart of a real tank into this miniature beast. Paired with a rotatable turret and an adjustable barrel, this military tank model toy is as real as it gets and loads of fun to play with.

But that's not all! In addition to the mentioned sets, we have more captivating building kits in series like Sailing Ships, Fossil, Nifeliz Motorcycles, Mini Cars, Street View, Mech, and Mini Bricks, etc.

For more building kits at a discount, click the link below: Nifeliz

Don't miss out on the building set party from November 24th to November 27th! Grab this amazing opportunity to build your own block world!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. We'll be back soon!


  1. How do I get replacement parts. I bought the pirate ship for my son. Great set but couple of the cannons are broken...

  2. where do i get replacement parts for a godzilla set. some pieces are broken and im missing some pieces.


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