Nifeliz April 2024 New Kits Teaser


Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through history with the latest addition to our collection: The Nifeliz T34/85 Tank building set? Crafted with precision to encapsulate the essence of one of World War II's most iconic tanks, our meticulously designed model offers the delight of assembly coupled with an authenticity rivaling traditional replicas.

Reproducing the smooth lines of the T34/85 tank's hexagonal turret presented a significant  challenge. Our designer was determined not to sacrifice its dynamic essence for accuracy. Through meticulous experimentation with components and precise angle adjustments, she seamlessly integrated the lines. The result? A hexagonal turret that not only showcases functionality but also blends artistry and aesthetics, boasting a unique, sleek appearance radiating dynamism and elegance.

We aspire to breathe life into every model with intricately detailed and lifelike designs. Pursuing perfection in crafting our products, we also aim to evoke the genuine joy of building, akin to the delight of children. In this journey, we cultivate a deep connection between oneself and creativity. Join Nifeliz, and let's rediscover joy together.

Item Number: NF10270
Dimension:10.83*4.13*5.71 inches
Here is the link: Nifeliz T34/85 Tank


  1. Are the instructions available online somewhere? My old eyes have trouble with the small pictures


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