Nifeliz Sets Information -- August 02, 2021

Hello everyone. I'm Karla from the Nifeliz team. I want to share a message with you. In the future, we will publish relevant information about our products on our blog from time to time, so that you can know whether the products you want are available at the first time. Here, thank you very much for your support, and we will continue to do better in the future. 

Now three new sets have arrived, as shown below.

NEW AVAILABLE: New Arrival! That means you can get all the sets in this part! Check it out and get the set you like by Amazon before it sold out.

PRODUCT NAME: Universe Exploring Space Astronaut

PRICE: $69.95

PIECES: 1515 pcs

FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 5.51x6.5x11.02 inches


Adjustable ankle and hand, able to separate the model and base, easy to disassemble space bag and replicated the real astronaut and so on.  


Build an exciting Space Astronaut toy model that offers plenty of imaginative and action possibilities. And follow the astronauts to explore the mysteries of space! It is a fun and productive gift for anyone.

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PRODUCT NAME: Home Beautiful Flower Bouquet set I

PRICE: $54.95

PIECES: 999 pcs

FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 13.9 x 9.09 x 3.5 inches


This flower bouquet delivers a vibrant display of colors and interesting shapes, inspired by real flowers such as eustoma grandiflorum, heliotrope, tulips, chrysanthemum, baby's breath, eucalyptus etc. Let your imagination bloom with customizable elements. Position the petals and leaves, then change the lengths of the stems to create wonderful arrangements for the home. Please note, a vase is not included.

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PRODUCT NAME: Home Phalaenopsis Flower Bouquet 

PRICE: $34.95

PIECES: 588 pcs

FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 7.87 x 14.17 x 16.54 inches


This flower bouquet delivers a vibrant display of colors and interesting shapes, inspired by real phalaenopsis. Nifeliz Home Phalaenopsis Flower Bouquet set building kit makes a unique gift or mindful project, creating a beautiful flower display model made entirely from bricks. It is not only a lovely building toy kit but also a home decoration. 

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If you are not interested in these three sets, you can also check the official page of Nifeliz Amazon store. Maybe there will be sets you like. The link is as follows:


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