Nifeliz Sets Information -- August 20, 2021

Hello everyone. I'm Karla from the Nifeliz team. I want to share a message with you. In the future, we will publish relevant information about our products on our blog from time to time, so that you can know whether the products you want are available at the first time. Here, thank you very much for your support, and we will continue to do better in the future. 

NEW AVAILABLE: New Arrival! That means you can get all the sets in this part! Check it out and get the set you like by Amazon before it sold out.

PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Home Up Balloon House
PRICE: $36.95
PIECES: 635 pcs
FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 5 x 5 x 10.63 inches
According to the principle of moment balance, it is designed as a floating balloon house with a balanced floating anti-gravity effect. The transparent bracket can be removed and installed in the fence to synthesize the streetscape on the ground. In addition, the set also have many detail decoration, such as colorful balloon, cute animal etc :)
The perfect gift for mock-up set lovers and future decoration designer! Sparks imagination, offers endless build-and-play fun, and is a creativity-filled holiday, birthday or any day gift for children who like building challenges.

PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Leopard II Main Battle Tank

PRICE: $54.95

PIECES: 1747 pcs

FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 13.86 x 5 x 5.98 inches


opening design, beautiful sticker, movable body, adjustable aiming altitude, detailed decoration and so on. So many details are waiting for you. Recommended!


As a MOC building blocks and buildable toy for teens and adults, this military model can be an ideal gift or collection for military fans, and it is compatible with lego. 

This building set is based on prototype of  German PzKpfw II Panther Ausf, which is the main battle tank developed by federal Germany in the 1980s.

The main features of the leopard 2 were the first use of the 120mm main gun, 1,500 HP diesel engine, hydraulic transmission system, high efficiency cooling system and command ceremony fire control system.

At that time, it became the mainstream tank in western countries at the end of 20th century and the beginning of 21st century.

It won the Canadian army cup (CAT) for several times, and its design ideas influenced the design of main battle tanks in several countries.



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  1. I have parts missing on my jeep x002he9109

  2. I was missing 2 pieces but I found some of the same pieces from broken sets and I got the lepord 2 for Xmas AND I LOVE IT Def recommend for tank lovers and I don't really like lego but this hits different


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