Nifeliz September 2021 New Sets Teaser

Hello everyone, Karla here from Nifeliz team. Another month passed. Today I am gonna be sharing with you the new Nifeliz sets of next month.

September New Sets

1. Nifeliz Home The Great Wave

This Nifeliz Home The Great Wave model features simulation little boat, snow mountain and multiple sea wave design. These details reproduce the scene of the boat rocking up and down with the rhythm of the sea. It's amazing. High quality parts and assemble feeling as always.
It makes an imaginative birthday present for yourself or other DIY enthusiasts in your life that love creative projects.This set immerses you in your passion for art and craft while you make a creative piece of art, you can really dive into the set and learn unexpected details as you build. After assembly it can be displayed in bedroom or living room.

Arrive Time: available now!

2. Nifeliz KV1 Sports Car

The 1:10 scale Sports car KV1 model is simulation engine, steering with steering wheel, independent suspension, manually opening doors and hood, 4 electroplated wheel hub and many printed pieces and so on. Full of details everywhere! Recommended!

Arrive Time: Around September 16th

3. Nifeliz Home Castle Music Box 

Have you ever thought about building blocks meeting music box? Nifeliz music box let the building blocks move with the music. Imagine that when your children turn the music box of the first time after the construction is completed, the beautiful castle is turning with the music. The dreamy scene and moving melody are really unforgettable. I think your children will like this interesting castle music box.
617 pcs set included some cute and special blocks. Kids absolutely love it. Each piece is well constructed. exquisite castle, colorful flowers and various small decorate make into an perfect project. Great details and everything fits together well. 
This building blocks music box can let you relieve stress and get relaxing. Why not spent time of friends or family putting it together, enjoying the endless fun of building and nice music. 

Arrive Time: available now!

That's all of I wanna share with you today.

Anyway, thank you so much for your reading. If you have any question or any missing pieces in our sets, please contact us by email We would love to help you to solve your problem.



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