Our Last Gift of 2023---December New Product Teaser

We're thrilled to share a sneak peek into the newest addition to the Nifeliz family--the Nifeilz ROSEEVER. 

Why Nilfeliz ROSEEVER? We believe that building toys should not only be simple entertainment building but should also create enduring memories and meaningful experiences. The decision to introduce Nifeliz ROSEEVER is we aspire to offer you more than just a building toy. By personally building this symbolic rose, you can infuse your emotions into a tangible creation, preserving them for eternity. Additionally, we hope Nifeliz ROSEEVER becomes a medium to express your profound feelings to friends or loved ones, ensuring that the emotions between you are forever captured within Nifeliz ROSEEVER.

To better preserve this eternity and prevent it from dust intrusion, initially, we attempted to simulate a protective shell using brick structures. However, we couldn't achieve the desired transparency through this method. After countless attempts, we ultimately opted for an acrylic cover. The acrylic cover provides outstanding protection for this eternal creation without compromising the internal details. Through the acrylic cover, we can discern the intricacies of each block and the contours of every petal. With the acrylic cover, we don't just possess a decoration or rose; we gain the ability to see more and feel more through its transparent beauty.

We envision Nifeliz ROSEEVER to be more than just a building toy or a gift; it is intended to be a meaningful keepsake. Each petal, each brick, weaves a unique story. Stored within an acrylic cover, with heartfelt emotions written on the accompanying postcard, all packaged beautifully, Nifeliz ROSEEVER serves as a conduit to convey profound feelings to your friends or loved ones.

We are passionate about constantly innovating our products; however, our pursuit goes beyond blind production. We aspire to create unique pieces using building blocks, allowing us to not only enjoy the fun of assembling but also express emotions through these blocks. Each brick carries a specific emotion, and we hope they become more than just decorative items. We envision them as symbols of deep affection, markers of gratitude, or even promises of eternal love.

We are delighted to announce that the ROSEEVER series is set to launch soon, with an expected debut around December 25th. Hope you like it!

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