Review: Nifeliz Fishing Village Boat House Diner


Hello everyone, this is Jessica.

This time, I am gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz Fishing Village Boat House Diner.

Hope you like it!

This set consists of 3545 easy-installation parts. The original version of this set is designed by the creator RobenAnne from MOC. Her works are full of detail, beauty, and imaginative.

Nifeliz Fishing Village Boat House Diner has been modified in many places, such as The exterior was changed to a beach and The gate was turned into a pier and so on, you can find other details when you build it. Hope you like it!

Now, let’s get into the topic.


The bottom of the kit is made up of two light yellow plate of different sizes, 5.04 x 10.08 inches and 10.04 x 10.08 inches. In terms of hand feel, it’s very comfortable. And most importantly, it’s very harmonious to put it together with LEGO City.

We can see that the box is pure black, and the Nifeliz Brand Logo is in the left of the top pf the box, sticker is in the middle of the box, that its very recognizable.

Nifeliz now has changed the previous style. The pattern on the color box is no longer just the brand logo, but the pattern of this kit is designed on it, which looks good.

The Nifeliz Fishing Village Boat House Diner set include an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book. 

All parts of this set are divided according to steps.

This set has total of 68 bags, including 2 universal bags without number.

Section 1 - 35 No. 1 bags

Section 2 - 13 No. 2 bags

Section 3 - 5 No. 3 bags

Section 4 - 9 No. 4 bags

Section 5 - 4 No. 5 bags

This set has many details, such as dining area on the second floor, simulation kitchen and lots detailed decoration.

So what are the details of this set?
Next, let's take a look at the details of the set.

Firstly let us take a look around this set

We can see this set is basic on light green and blue.

Let’s move to the first floor 

As we can see there has five lifebuoy were suspended from the dock.

A pure white puppy with two potted plants with flowers

A street lamp

On water we can see there has a bird standing on the boat.

The front door. We can see the sign and these bricks are printed parts!

And there hang a rudder for decoration

Both two side stand two pigeons.

Go through the front door we can see the dining area and four bucket which can be use to put some fishing tool or just save some fresh water.

Let’s move to another door

This place also hang a printed parts

Open and we can see there has a stairway that we can up to the second floor.

On the second floor, we can see a kitchen and two dining area for role playing.

Ok lets move to the outside

We can see the boat anchor hang on the wall.

The watchtower with flag.

From the right side there has two rope ladder connecting the watchtower.

Lets move to the back side

This wall is able to opened.

Wow what a convenience design!

I also notice this set has two tiny flags which is lovely.

From the top, we can see the chimney.

This set is very easy to assembly and you can easily remove some part for display the inside structure.

At last, let us see the final look :)


Pieces: All the pieces are from the highest quality we can get. And in terms of hand feel, they are basically the same as LEGO brick. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about.
Structure: Although there are minor flaws in the built process. But but after the finished product, especially after seeing the effect of the decoration inside, all the unpleasant emotions disappeared!
Appearance: the overall beautiful atmosphere. This set uses a lot of special parts in the external decoration, so it looks very delicate and comfortable.
On the whole, if you have paid attention to this MOC, you will know that the set provided by the Nifeliz is very worth trying.
Anyway, thank you for your reading.

The above is today’s sharing, thank you!


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