Review: Nifeliz R120 Rallye Motorcycle


Hi everyone, this is Jessica. A new member from Nifeliz team. 

Today I’m gonna show you guys a motorcycle from Nifeliz!

This sets consists of 922 easy-installation parts. The original version of this set is from BNW R1200 GS. Full of detail and special design.

Whats more he has create so many amazing lego technic car such as the BMW R 1200 GS.

But Nifeliz R120 Rallye Motorcycle are full of more detail and you can find it when you build it. Now lets get start it!
We can see that the box is pure black, and the Nifeliz Brand Logo is in the left of the top of the box, sticker is in the middle of the box, that its very recognizable.
Nifeliz has changed the previous style. The pattern on the color box is no longer just the brand logo, but the pattern of this kit is designed on it, which looks good.

The Nifeliz R120 Rallye Motorcycle set includes an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book and sticker.

All parts of this set are divided according to steps.
Section 1 - 3 No.1 bags

Section 2 - 3 No.2 bags

Section 3 - 3 No.3 bags

Section 4 - 3 No.4 bags

Section 5 - 2 No.5 bags

This set has a total of 15 bags, including one bags without number. In addition, this set include 2 hubs with tires.


First of all, we started to build the motorcycle.
I already felt that the set was a bit complicated when w assembled to this step.
In addition, we also need to pay attention to the direction of the front and rear differential to avoid wrong assembly.
The first step is the base of the engine.

This is my first time to build motorcycle, a little bit nervous.

Horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine.

Replicated the appearance of motorcycle.

Structure of the bottom, I don’t know about the motorcycles maybe that’s what they look like in real world.

In this place we replicated the axle drive of motorcycle.

We use a shaft to hold the rear wheel.

The other side is a perforated beam, which is much more stable.

And then put they together.

And here we have the brake disc.

After assembly i found it’s quite long.

And then is the guard plate.

Two holding hand has a little bit loose.

The tailpipe of the rear motorcycle, the pylon and the taillight.

This headstock is quite restore.


This set is a static version. It comes with no motor kit.

Because this set uses high quality parts, it hand feels good. But there comes a disadvantage. The rearview mirror part is a little loose. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the overall appearance.

There are many linkage functions and details in this set. And now let us see where they are.

The head of the motorcycle can control the rotation of the front wheels.

And the guard plate of a motorcycle is able to opened.

When we opened the guard plate, we can see the V2 engine and it also has suspension function.

When the engine working, the tires on the back of the motorcycle will linkage with the engine. 

From the back side, we can see three cases that you may can put something things inside.


It's able to opened!

And let us move to the ground.
R120 Raylle has a kickstand

When you finished the building you can pull it down and put it in the cases for display.



Pieces: this set uses a large number of high quality technology pieces, i believe that people who have tried will also feel very good. All the pieces r from highest quality pieces we can get. And in terms of hand feel, they are basically the same as lego pieces. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about.
Structure: some of the kit is decorated with bases bricks such as the lights.
Appearance: basic of black and deep blue and some gray make it looks more cool.
On the whole, it is a good set worth trying.
The above is today’s sharing, thank you!


  1. Do you have the instructions? Mine didn't came with it


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