Review: Nifeliz Pink Off-Road Pick Up Rove


Hello everyone this is Jessica.

This time, I am gonna be sharing with you Nifeliz Pink Off-Road Pick Up Rove.

Hope you like it!

This set consists of 696 easy-installation parts. The original version is from Landerover.

Landrover is a car brand from Britain. Originator is Maurice Vincent. The brand was founded in 1948. Now belong to TataMotors.

Landrover has three different line: Range Rover, Discovery, Defender.

Let’s take a look the real car.

Nifeliz Pink Off-Road Pick Up Rove is basic on Range Rover. You can enjoy it when you assembly. Hope you like it!

Now, let's get into the topic.

First, when we get the parcel. We can see that the box is pure black, and the Nifeliz Brand Logo is in the left of the top of the box, sticker is in the middle of the box, that its very recognizable.

Nifeliz now has changed the previous style. The pattern on the color box is no longer just the brand logo, but the pattern of this kit is designed on it, which looks good.

The Nifeliz Pink Off-Road Pick Up Rove set include an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book.

All parts of this set are divided according to steps.

This set has total of 12 bags, including 1universal bags without number.

Section1 - 5 No.1 bags

Section2 - 3 No.2 bags

Section3 - 3 No.3 bags

And sticker!

For the car, pink is a really hard to control. You may had found that some of the pink is really terrible to show in a car.
We need to talk about the color first to let you know that it’s how hard that we choose this became a really building block car.
Pink has so much different type.

There are so much basic pink. Finally, we choose the hot pink.
We think this one is perfect to make your car soooooo much different!
Ohh, focus on the car.

Nifeliz pink off-road pick up rove. It's a really simple car. We make this so cute to display.
This one has no linkage function.
Let me show you.
Look, how beautiful when she just came up.

We want the structure being strong so we only let the car door open.

Two doors and the trunk door.

Look at the headstock. We set a rope for pulling.

And the headlights.

Roof light.

We also put some case on the top

And a few bucket.
Inside the car from the back

At last, let us see the final look :)


Pieces: All the prices are from the highest quality we can get. And in terms of hand feel, they are basically the same as LEGO brick. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about. 
Structure: All the structure about these sets are perfect. All the bricks are ABS material. They are strong and safe and won't fall apart.
Appearance: The overall looks delicate and cute. These sets uses a lot of special parts in the decoration, every set has sticker to make it looks more better.
And every set has a handle to let the player hold the handle for outdoor playing. As long as you try, you will know that the set provided by the Nifeliz is very worth trying.
Anyway, thank you for your reading.

The above is today's sharing, thank you! :)


  1. This thing is awesome, only problem is this is the second time I bought one that was missing the stickers. Little annoying but wouldn't hesitate to buy again, really fun and quality is excellent.


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