REVIEW: Nifeliz Mini Off-Road Car Wrange


Hi everyone, this is Jessica from Nifeliz team.

Today I’m gonna show you guys a JEEP from Nifeliz!

This set includes 1287 easy to install parts, which is a replica of the real jeep Rubicon. Full of detail and special design.

Jeep Rubicon, most people know that this one is a famous JEEP. When it has been created, it has always been regarded as the ultimate dream of cross-country enthusiasts around the world, symbolizing freedom and passion, as well as the understanding and pursuit of a purer way of life.

And that’s why we created this Mini Off-Road Car Wrange.

This sets is not that big. We created a middle size for play and display.

Nifeliz Mini Off-Road Car Wrange have been changed into a static version. Make the functions work manually and change the color in bright RED. You can find other details when you build it. Hope you like it!

We can see that the box is pure black, and the Nifeliz Brand Logo is in the left of the top of the box, sticker is in the middle of the box, that’s very recognizable. Nifeliz has changed the previous style. The pattern on the color box is no longer just the brand logo, but the pattern of this kit is designed on it, which looks great.

The Nifeliz Mini Off-Road Car Wrange set includes an instruction book. This is a clear instruction book and sticker.

All parts of this set are all as below.

5 tires and 13 bags with a sticker.

Red and black are this sets basic color.

And a very clear instruction book.


First of all, we started to build the car. Before start building it. We need to pay attention to the direction of the front and rear differential to avoid wrong assembly.

Ok lets get started!

Here we start with the front axle. An open differential is one of the cores of the front axle.

The back of the differential is connected to a spherical part consisting of two open spheres with a universal joint inside. The spherical structure is used to protect the universal joint. The two open balls are connected but can still move relative to each other, rather than being rigidly connected. Plus, the universal joint inside the ball allows power to be transferred smoothly to the differential of the front axle, no matter how the front axle moves.

The next step is to make the rear axle, which is relatively simple because it does not involve the steering structure. Similar to the front axle, it has a differential, it has a universal joint and it has a ball on the outside to protect it.

And add some fixed parts, the rear axle is done.

Swing type suspension is the most characteristic of non-independent, large stroke, front and rear axle structure compact.

Then install the four large wheels.

Linked pendular suspension without shock absorbers


And then we are gonna to build Jeep’s iconic front face. But notice that the two holes on the left and right edge are not the same size as the others, they are a bit imperfect...

Now make the hood.

Winch is a very important thing for off-road vehicles. This is a front bumper made up of a winch and a crash bar.

Car structure and windshield structure

Assembly the other pieces.

After put on the tail door and open it we got this.

Openable hood, doors and tailgate.

Detachable car hard top.


Put they all together and we will got this.

We can make it like this. LOL

This sets has H.O.G steering system.

Lets see the bottom.

All Wheel Drive. 

And take a look at the rear end.

The doors on both sides open to see the different structure.

This side is the car seat.

The other side is the inside structure.

Let us take a look from the top.



Pieces: this set uses a large number of high quality technology pieces, i believe that people who have tried will also feel good. All the pieces are from highest quality pieces we can get. And in terms of hand feel, they are basically the same as lego pieces. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about.
Structure: some of kit is decorated with bases bricks such as the lights.
Appearance: basic of black and bright RED make it looks more cool.
On the whole, it is a good set worth trying.
The above is today’s sharing, thank you!


  1. Just ordered one!!! Can't wait to build!

  2. Yo ya tengo en mio. Pero no se como empezar no hay una guía o algo para formar las piezas

  3. There only one seat?

  4. Why are the bags not in number order!?


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