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PRICE: $149.95
PIECES: 3728 pcs
FINISHED PRODUCT SIZE: 22.7 x 11.49 x 5.98 inches
Bugatti is a world-renowned established brand of sports cars. In 1909, Ettore Bugatti, Italian, founded the company of Bugatti in France and it specialized in producing sports cars and limousines. Bugatti Divo is currently the fastest production car in the world. Although the development of Bugatti Divo was based on Bugatti Chiron, its dynamic performance is even superior, including faster speed and better driving performance on curved road. With the more extreme aerodynamic design, Bugatti Divo maintains a maximum downforce of 455kg during driving to ensure more consistent performance of the vehicle on the track. Divo is a sports car owned by Bugatti, which is limited to 40 cars all over the world. This luxury super car is designed with the structure of two seats, two doors and hardtop. The whole car is made of aviation and lightweight materials to reduce wind resistance. Equipped with 8L four-turbocharger W16 engine, Bugatti Divo reaches the maximum power of 1500-hp and peak torque capacity of 1600 pounds per meter. It is also equipped with dual clutch transmission.

The prototype of this set was designed by Swabian, whose works was full of details and imagination. This is a stunning replica of a real supercar. The 1:8 scale Nifeliz DIVN-BLUE model car build consists of 3728 pieces. There are a lot of detailed functions of the parts, such as emulation W16 engine, steering wheel linkage, manual opening doors, 8-speed gear shift, rear wing raised and lowered by the paddle in the copilot seat, etc. More importantly, it is electroplated into gradients of metallic paint, making it closer to the real car. This Nifeliz sports car model is designed to create unforgettable immersive building experience and a joyful sense of achievement.

PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Hongqi S9 Race Car
PRICE: $139.95
PIECES: 3502 pcs
Hong Qi S9 is a gasoline-electric hybrid super sports car, with highest speed over 400 kilometers per hour, which may rival Lamborghini and Ferrari. Equipped with a hybrid system based on the turbocharged V8 engine, the maximum power exceeds 1400-hp. The acceleration time of 0-100km per hour is 1.9 seconds, with top speed reaching over 400 kilometers per hour. In terms of appearance, Hong Qi S9 car model is full of sense of science fiction. S9 has an impressive visual impact looking from the front of the car model, featuring a huge Hong Qi logo throughout the head and headlights on both sides of the car outlined with LED lighting. Designed with gull-wing doors, the car side is characterized by its dynamic smooth line. Both the T-shaped taillight clusters and the large fixed spoiler at the rear of the car add more distinctiveness to the overall shape. Besides, there are brand new labels tagged on both C-pillar and rims.

This blue S9 sports car build consists of 3502 pieces, which are compatible with LEGO’s. There are multiple detailed features, including manual opening doors and bonnet, gull-wing doors, electroplated hubs, steering wheel linkage, emulation V8 engine with pistons, rear wing raised and lowered by the gear at the rear of the car. It is a perfect gift for all car lovers and future engineers!

PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Tanke300 Racing Car

PRICE: $89.95

PIECES: 2860 pcs


Tank 300 is the first hardline cross-country SUV owned by the WEY. Pulling-through waistline on the side of the bodywork blends with soft curvature. Both stout wheel brow and side pedal provide enough protection for the bodywork. The car become extremely recognisable once the LED taillights are lit, showing the hardline cross-country identity of Tank 300. Tank 300 carrying 2T petrol engine achieves a maximum power of 167KW and peak torque capacity of 387N·m. Besides, equipped with ZF 8AT transmission, the tank has high obstacle capability, climbing ability and ability of getting out of pits.

This impressive replica of Tank 300 is equipped with original rim, which has road-holding wheel, and a series of authentic features and functions. You can open the door and enter an exquisite driving cab, equipped with a steering wheel, a detailed panel and a gearshift for 2WD and 4WD switching. It is also equipped with rear seats. There are still more details the designer focus on. For example, there is a differential lock by the driving seat. It functions by turning the gear. There is also a 4V engine in this amazing car model. You can open the tailgate by twisting the knob ath the back the car. This is a perfect gift for fans of off-road vehicles and lovers of collectible classic cars. Come and explore a large number of details.


PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Sanna Orange Sports Car

PRICE: $149.95

PIECES:  3780pcs


McLaren Senna centred on a 4L twin turbo V8 engine, which is a more powerful road car engine of McLaren, reaching a maximum power of 800 metric hp(789 hp) and peak torque capacity of 590 pounds per inch. It is capable of 700 Nm(516 pounds per inch) of torque at a low speed of 3000. The dynamic system named M840TR features a dry sump oil system and plane crankshaft of race car and combines with light rods and pistons, which reduces the weight of dynamic system. Submarine air inlet on the roof can introduce air into the press device on the engine made of custom carbon fibre. Effective air channel combines with twin turbo charger of low inertia and electronic exhaust valve, which enables engine instantaneouss inlet.

The prototype of the set was designed by AMuMu, and it was inspired by the real McLaren Senna. The designer was obsessed over details of both interior and exterior, making a perfect replica. This sports car model features detailed V8 engine, manual opening butterfly doors and bonnet, steering wheel linkage, independent suspension, exquisite rear wing shape and so on. The whole model is full of incredible details.

PRODUCT NAME: Nifeliz Medieval Windmill House
PRICE: $79.95
PIECES: 1824 pcs
Nifeliz Medieval Town Windmill consists of 1824 pieces, including a carriage, an exquisite apple tree, many bottles, buckets and flowers. The two-storey house has two movable roofs for easy access to well-equipped bedroom, kitchen and study. Besides, there is a huge windmill on the house, which can be moved by twisting the knob under the roof. This is an impressive architectural model, and the best gift for yourself and all lovers of building kits. This Medieval Town Windmill can also be combined with the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith 21325 to enjoy and play with together. Just build your own Medieval town with your family!


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